Become a Certified Yoga Therapist

Do you want to help people feel good in their bodies using the tools of yoga? Yoga therapy is based on the ancient science of yoga that focuses on a person’s well-being at all levels.

The mission of East Coast Yoga Therapy (ECYT) is to provide an exceptional training program to educate and empower individuals in their professional development.

East Coast Yoga Therapy students experience personal, focused instruction in an inspirational environment. The comprehensive curriculum helps graduates develop skills that allow them to assist people on the path to health and wellness through yoga therapeutics. Graduates are competent Yoga Therapists who can create integrative and holistic Yoga Therapy programs for individuals and their specific health challenges. We realize the importance of working with other healthcare professionals to enhance a client’s health and well-being and are dedicated to this principle.

Yoga therapeutics training program

Our Mission

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IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Training Program

Taught by 2 Certified Yoga Therapists

We support this mission with the East Coast Yoga Therapy Yoga Therapist Training Program.

This training is for 200-hour Yoga Teachers to become Certified Yoga Therapists. The program is directed and primarily taught by 2 certified Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT), Terry Brown and Valerie Kiser. We have highly skilled experts in their fields as part-time faculty to support the classes offered. The list of courses is thorough and allows our students to learn yoga therapeutic skills for a variety of health and medical conditions.

ECYT Yoga Therapist Training Program is a program designed to be completed in three years (and a maximum of six years). Students may enroll at any time, but the first module to attend must be the Introductory Module. The Introductory Module will be offered every January and June. There are 14 additional modules and 4 units with guest instructors; the modules and units are held in a combination of in-person and online. After the Introductory Module is completed, students may attend modules and units in any order.  We have had students who reside in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and Texas.  Practicum hours may be completed in your hometown under the close guidance of mentors via email, phone calls, texts, Skype, Facetime, or other modes of communication.


To learn about the specifics of our course content, schedule, fees, etc., please contact us via the Contact page.

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Prior to applying, applicants must have:

Completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program

Taught yoga for at least 1 year

Practiced yoga at least 1 year

Classes in Clemmons & Greensboro, NC

The Yoga Therapist Training Program offers modules in Clemmons and Greensboro, NC as well as Zoom. Clemmons and Greensboro are a 35 minute drive away from each other.

The Introductory Module will be held yearly in January and June  and will alternate the city where it is held.

Four or five Modules will be held each year, spread throughout the year. Modules will be offered every 3 years and then repeated in the same 3-year pattern. The modules will take place Thursdays – Sundays. Guest teacher modules will be held Fridays – Sundays.

Practicum is 228 hours. Prior to beginning this portion of the program, students in the program must complete 5 modules (including the Introductory Module) and demonstrate competency in the classroom practicum labs with regards to intake, evaluation, developing a working assessment, and developing appropriate Yoga Therapy practice for a client.  Practicum may be completed in your home town.