ECYT Module Schedule

Since our program is flexible over the course of 3 years, only upcoming modules are available for registration. To learn about dates for additional modules and units, please use the Contact Us page to request information.

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Module NameDatesSubject/ThemePay Online
Practicum participation ongoingonly for enrolled students who meet criteria
Module 2April 11-14, 2024Yoga Therapy: Pelvis and Lower Extremities
Introductory ModuleJune 6-9, 2024Overview
Module 3July 25-28, 2024Yoga Therapy: Upper Extremities
Module 4September 19-22, 2024Mental Health
Module 5November 14-17, 2024Endocrine System
Modules 1-52024
Modules 6-9; Units A-B2025
Modules 10-14; Units C-D2026

*You may register only if you have been accepted into the program. See our application form to get started.